Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Showhouse - The Finished Product

Here are a few photos of the finished room. Thank you to everyone who came out this year to support the Showhouse!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Conversation with Patty Virnig, Showhouse Vice-chair

AC: What inspired you to get involved with the Showhouse?
I am a 10 year survivor, my mother is a 7 year survivor, I'm hoping with our efforts my daughter, and all the daughters in the world won't have to worry about breast cancer.
AC: How do you go about finding Interior Designers for the project?
Interior Designers are sent an invitation to tour the house, usually early October. Our designer list comes from a variety of sources, our best source are other designers who will recommend someone whose work they feel is exceptional.
AC: Over the years the Showhouse has become such a major fundraiser for Breast Cancer much money has the project raised to date?
We have raised almost $4 million dollars to fund research here at the Medical College. The exciting part is that $4 million is seed money, which means that researchers use that money to do start researching an idea. Once they have had progress with their project they submit proposals to other agencies, e.g. American Cancer Society, Federal Government, and private foundations for more funding. Our $4 million, actually has ended up being multiplied many times in research money. More information is on our website
AC: What is the most challenging part of the project?
Every year presents it's own set of challenges. This year I thought it would be the economy. With furniture stores and design firms being so hard hit, I was afraid we would have difficulty getting participation. I was wrong. Our community of designers, contractors and vendors have always stepped up to the plate, and this year was no exception. They give countless hours of free service, and labor, and thousands of dollars worth of materials. If you ask them why they do it, they will tell you they do it for someone they know who has had breast cancer. I think it gives all of us a sense of power over the disease, a feeling that we can do something to fight it, and win the battle. We are very close to winning the battle. There is much hope for the breast cancer vaccine which will be tested on humans next year.
AC: It's been amazing to see this year's house come together, especially in that last week before our deadline. There are so many people to coordinate - has there ever been a year when you didn't think the house would be ready in time for the show?
Every year there are times when I think the house won't be ready. It's like having a wedding. You worry that things won't come together, but they always do.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Luxe Pillows

They say selecting the right accessories for a room is like picking out the perfect pair of shoes. If that's true, these pillows are equivalent to the finest pair of designer heels...complete with gold embroidery and copper sequins. My two year old daughter calls the center pillow "money" because it reminds her of the copper pennies she puts in her piggy bank.