Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Postcard from our New Choir Loft Design Studio!

As of July 1st our new office is the former Choir Loft of the old St. Mary's Church in Elm Grove! For those of you who are familiar with the area, the church is a well-known landmark at the foot of Watertown Plank Road. It had fallen into disrepair, and in 2007 TWP Architecture moved in and rehabbed the building from top to bottom (their offices are housed on the main floor).

It has been an incredibly busy year. We've grown and expanded at a fast clip - in many ways this has been a thrilling transition, but at times we find ourselves a little overwhelmed. Thank you to all our clients who've put up with our over-booked schedules. We wouldn't be here without you! We are looking forward to settling in to our new space and embarking on our next chapter. When you're in Elm Grove be sure to stop by! We'd love to see you.